Extra sharp. Good rubber.

Harvest yellow Imperial. Like new. Loaded. One owner. See to appreciate. Extra sharp. Good rubber. A real nice car. Needs some work. Call Cherokee Bail Bonds and ask for Jack. Work odd hours. Keep calling.
Wolf in White Van - John Darnielle

The most irritating part of reading media reviews on social sites is the tendency for people to write long dispatches on their personal experiences and how those experiences alter their reception of a work. The question of how people relate to art is central to this book however, and I feel like I've moved past the time in my life where it would have moved me. Darnielle captures perfectly the loneliness that most young people go through and the way they retreat into hobbies or art to escape that feeling of being misunderstood (he uses a metaphor that involved astronomers and unknown planets that I kind of wish I had written down), and I can definitely relate to that, but I know now that no one cares about my bullshit except me and I just don't feel those emotions as strongly anymore.