Extra sharp. Good rubber.

Harvest yellow Imperial. Like new. Loaded. One owner. See to appreciate. Extra sharp. Good rubber. A real nice car. Needs some work. Call Cherokee Bail Bonds and ask for Jack. Work odd hours. Keep calling.
Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman - Jon Krakauer

It's a frustrating book. The segments about Al-Qaeda attacks interspersed with Tillman's early life are supposed to provide some context for his decision to enlist but make the first section disjointed. The geopolitical stuff is Cliffnotes-level. The best bits of the book are about friendly fire, Tillman's military career, and the coverup of his death, but are sandwiched between a lot of filler. Maybe it's a consequence of the subject; it must be hard to write a substantial biography of a guy who died well before 30 even if his life (and death) had large political implications. There's a good book in here about friendly fire, I'll keep an eye out for any books focusing solely on the subject.